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The Hope Trust, trading as Ithemba Trust, is a charitable Trust primarily committed to the funding of projects that assist in the development, treatment and rehabilitation of intellectually challenged and physically disabled children.

The Ithemba Trust plays a role in assisting with the alleviation of problems such as lack of  knowledge, training, skills or diagnostic ability to effectively deal with the treatment of the intellectually disabled. The Trust funds skilled professionals to initiate socially empowering,  multidisciplinary,  hands-on training programs for care workers within local communities involving the physical and intellectual development of each child.

The Trust assists with the funding of therapeutic equipment at special needs centers around South Africa and financially supports the capacity building and skills development of staff within these organizations as well as the community outreach projects of these institutions into rural areas.

Ithemba Trust

Ithemba Trust has extended its focus to assist other educational institutions with the funding of learning programs, capacity building of staff and supply of therapeutic equipment.

The Just Footprints Foundation is a new and exciting venture that the Ithemba Trust has been instrumental in setting up which focuses on hosting camps for children with serious life and health challenges in a safe, loving and nurturing camp environment. Please check out for more information on this unique and fun children’s charity initiative.

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